MODEL   |     Turbo Ripper

BOARD TYPE   |     performance hybrid shortboard

NOSE ROCKER   |     moderate-to-aggressive / continuous

TAIL ROCKER   |     low-to-moderate / continuous

RAILS   |     medium performance

IDEAL CONDITIONS   |     textured to clean / average / bowly / racing / hollow / barreling

IDEAL WAVE HEIGHT   |     4' - 6'   [chest to head]

MIN/MAX RECOMMENDED RANGE   |     3' - Head and a half

IN 3 WORDS   |     Fast, agile, drivey.


The Turbo Ripper has become one of our most popular models - in fact, it's our #1 seller 4 years in a row. The Turbo Ripper is a performance hybrid shortboard designed around one main principle: SPEED. The Turbo Ripper is THE board designed to allow you to make sections, barrels, etc, that you thought were impossible to make.

A healthy amount of nose rocker provides enough needed for steep, late, hollow drops, while the moderately low tail rocker creates an extra gear as a tri fin, and two extra gears as a quad. The unique deep double concave gives the Turbo Ripper incredible lift, drive and responsiveness while maintaining phenomenal agility to turn and move on a dime in dynamic, racing beach break. It's paddle power is excellent as well.

The Turbo Ripper is your new daily driver, swiss army knife go-to shortboard for day-to-day beach break conditions from lack luster, sectiony surf to pumping, dredgy, racing walls and barrels.

The Turbo Ripper is available in:

PU/PE   |   PU/Epoxy   |   EPS/Epoxy   |   FocusFlex Technology

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'4 18 3/4 2 3/16 23.5 L
5'6 19 2 1/4 25.25 L
5'8 19 1/4 2 5/16 27.1 L
5'10 19 1/2 2 3/8 29.0 L
6'0 19 3/4 2 7/16 31.15 L
6'2 20 2 1/2 33.25 L
6'4 20 1/4 2 9/16 35.4 L
6'6 20 1/2 2 5/8 38.2 L

All dimensions are customizable.

• Order the Turbo Ripper 1/4"-1/2" narrower for increased big/hollow wave performance.
• Order the Turbo Ripper 1/4" wider for increased small-to-medium wave performance.
• Thickness can be altered to custom tailor the volume desired.

Customer Reviews

Matt P. - Seaside, NJ
6'0 Turbo Ripper in FocusFlex Tech

"Dave, I gotta froth over the Turbo Ripper for a minute. It's been so fun these last three days, and I'm really feeling the FocusFlex loading up and powering through turns. That double concave makes it so easy to get on rail. It gets into waves early and is definitely the fastest board I've surfed. I let a buddy try it yesterday and it almost went flying out from under him...he definitely wasn't ready for that acceleration! I'm really happy we brought the width in to 19.5" but kept the [same standard 6'0] volume. I'm gonna be happy about that come wetsuit time, and I think this thing will be great in the barrel if these winds would ever swing offshore. The board flies... I made a lot of sections I shouldn't have. It feels like a video game when you unlock a new board and it ups your stats. Probably my favorite out of the boards I've owned. You've got skills man. I'm never buying off the rack again! Thanks! Oh and I'm totally digging this [DaveySKY signature] traction pad dude!"

Nick K. - Asbury Park, NJ
5'7 Turbo Ripper in PU/PE

"This has been the board man! I can't quite figure out what it is - but I surf soooooooo much better on this thing. It took me a few sessions to lock into it. But it was right around father's day - we had a couple solid clean days. Once I got that thing moving down the line - it was unreal. It has been really responsive - and stable as hell. On backside turns where i would usually dig my rail in - this board holds up and really has been getting me through some turns I used to never make. I couldn't be happier. You have a sick talent man and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it."

Dennis R. - Sea Girt, NJ
6'2 Turbo Ripper in PU/PE

"I wanted to check in and let you know that the board is unbelievable. It is everything I wanted in a board plus more. The board is fast as you promised even in today's small waves. I am impressed with how I can drop in late and the board rips down the line. Thanks for building me such an incredible board! Keep up the great work. I keep sending people your way."

John C. - Ocean County, NJ
6'0 Turbo Ripper in FocusFlex Tech
6'2 Turbo Ripper in EPS/Epoxy
6'0 Turbo Ripper in EPS/Epoxy

"I finally had a chance to ride the Turbo Ripper tonight, the board is insane! The board generates tremendous speed with little effort and maintains the speed from rail to rail. You were right about having to surf the wave differently with this board, when I wanted to pump I realized I had plenty of speed to hit the lip, throw the tail or whatever else I wanted to do. The board specs work perfectly, I am totally stoked with this board. I can't wait to ride it again! I'll be in touch soon to discuss another shape."